Leslie offers piano lessons in Owen Sound to students of all ages. Her holistic approach engages the innate love of music-making in each child, honouring and developing musicality, uniqueness and creativity.

The basic components:
  • oral skill (playing by ear)
  • rhythm training
  • literacy (reading and writing music notation)
  • kinaesthetic skill
are incorporated into individualized programmes. In imaginative, activity-based lessons, these components are geared toward playing all styles of music.

With this broad-based approach, students can choose to focus on their own unique blend of:

  • chording
  • popular styles
  • playing by ear
  • world music
  • composition
  • improvisation
  • classical music
  • conservatory exam training


The Studio

Students have an opportunity to play a Steinway Grand Piano in Leslie’s home studio.

880 8th Avenue East
Owen Sound
N4K 3A7


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